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>CHICAGO POLICE: Just email your COMPLIMENTARY HISTORY including the name/designator you'd like engraved on the name tag portion, style of back you'd prefer and we will create your custom award ribbon all in one plate with all ribbons, stars, etc. mounted according to current General Order!1/2 Brass Short or Long Screwback
15 Ribbon Brass Plate Commendation Holder w/Fitness and Appearance Tower
Adapt Award Holder - Eight
Adapt Award Holder - Eleven
Adapt Award Holder - Fifteen
Adapt Award Holder - Five
Adapt Award Holder - Four
Adapt Award Holder - Fourteen
Adapt Award Holder - Nine
Adapt Award Holder - One
Adapt Award Holder - Seven
Adapt Award Holder - Six
Adapt Award Holder - Sixteen
Adapt Award Holder - Ten
Adapt Award Holder - Thirteen
Adapt Award Holder - Three
Adapt Award Holder - Twelve
Adapt Award Holder - Two
AF Achievement
AF Basic Military Honor Grad
AF Combat Readiness
Air Force Commendation
Air Force Commendation
Allied Barton 1
Army & Army Reserve Name Tags
Award Holder Plate Engraved - 13
Award Holder Plate Engraved - 14
Award Holder Plate Engraved - 15
Award Holder Plate Engraved - 16
Award Holder Plate Engraved - 17
Award Holder Plate Engraved - 18
Award Holder Plate Engraved - 4
Award Holder Plate Engraved - 5
Award Holder Plate Engraved 1
Award Holder Plate Engraved 10
Award Holder Plate Engraved 11
Award Holder Plate Engraved 12
Award Holder Plate Engraved 2
Award Holder Plate Engraved 3
Award Holder Plate Engraved 6
Award Holder Plate Engraved 7
Award Holder Plate Engraved 8
Award Holder Plate Engraved 9
Badges/Medals/Commendations - Dealer Reps
Blackinton Enamel Custom Page 1 of 3
Blackinton Nametag with Heavy Duty Screwback
Brass Name Tags - Chicago Police and Other Police MADE IN THE U.S.A.
CAB 1 Silver 5/16 or 3/8
CAB-2 Silver 5/16 and 3/8
Cap Nuts for Screwbacks
CG Gold Lifesaving
Chicago Police Awards and Commendations Ribbons Effective CPD-G.O.March2023
Cook County Forest Preserve Police Ribbons Scroll down for ribbons worn without a frame.
Custom Enamel Ribbons
Designators, etc.
Double Mounting Bar-Gold (for silver, scroll down)
Double Ribbon Bar
Double Tower
Double Tower
Eight Ribbon Award Holder-Nametag
Enamel Bar Plate Holder 2
Enamel Bar Plate Holder 1
Enamel Bar Plate Holder 3
Enamel Bars 4
Enamel Bars 5
Enamel Commendation Bar 1-3/8x3/8 - Gold or Silver Base w/2 pins on back
Enamel Commendation Bars 2
Enamel Commendation Bars-3
Enamel Mounting Bar Silver Triple
Enamel Mounting Bar Silver
Enamel Mounting Bar Silver - Double
Encrypted Payment ONLY for Credit Card Information for Email Orders
Engraved Commendation and Award Ribbon Holder Brass Plates
Engraved Devices - Shooting, Etc.
Fire Department and EMS
Fitness Hanger
Five Ribbon Award Holder/Name Tag
Four Ribbon Award Holder/Name Tag
Frame Gold Air Force (sm) Army (lg) SILVER limited availability
Hanging Designator
Hardware, Mounting, Frames, Stars, Oakleaf, Numbers, Letters, Crosses, Shooting Award Bars, etc.
Hat Identifier Tags
Hatshield Screws
Joint Operations Ribbon
Leadership Award
Marine Corps Reserve
Military and Government Cloth Slip-On Ribbons
Military Mounting Bar 5
Military Ribbons - ROTC, LOTC, Other
Military Service/Deployment Ribbon
Military Style
Military Style
Military Style Ball Clutch Nametag Holder
Military Style Mounting Bars - Flush Mount (1/8" Gap Mount Also Avail. option, same price, just note in the comments section you want GAP MOUNT.
More Stock Enamel Bars - Can Be In Silver or Gold
More Enamel Bars & Mounting
Mounting Bracket Custom Configuration
Mourning Bar Black Metal with Magnet Back
Mourning Bar Cloth
Mourning Bars for Embroidered Badge
MULTI-COLOR/SECTION Cloth Commendation Bars (Mounting Not Included, Order Separately)
Multinational Forces
Nine Ribbon Award Holder-Nametag
No Name (Stand Alone) CPD Ribbon Plate 10
No Name Award Holder 5
No Name Award Holder 6
No Name Award Holder 7
No Name CPD Stand Alone Ribbon Holder 9
One Line Clutch or Pin (worn with hanging designator)
One Ribbon Award Holder/Name Tag
Other Law/Fire Agencies
Peel & Stick Designator
Recognition Medal
Ribbon Attachment - Stars
Ribbons - Other Section Two
Ribbons Other 2 of 2
ROTC Ribbons
Security, Restaurants, etc.
Seven Ribbon Award Holder-Nametag
Shipping Information
Single Mounting Bar - Gold (for silver, scroll down)
Single Ribbon Bar
Single Tower
Single Tower
Six Ribbon Award Holder/Name Tag
SOLID COLOR, Cloth Commendation Bars (Mounting Not Included, Order Separately) 1-3/8" x 3/8"
Ten Ribbon Award Holder-Nametag
Three Ribbon Award Holder/Name Tag
THREE-COLOR/SECTION Cloth Commendation Bars (Mounting Not Included, Order Separately)
Triple Mounting Bar-Gold (for Silver, scroll down)
Triple Mounting Channel for Enamel Bar CAB3 SILVER
Triple Ribbon Bar
Two Ribbon Award Holder/Name Tag
TWO-COLOR, Cloth Commendation Bars (Mounting Not Included, Order Separately!)
Universal Cloth Ribbon Award Holders wear WITH a nameplate or WITHOUT!
Years of Service Bars